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ND Pheasant trip

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Well after my weeks vacation in ND and shooting a bunch of pheasants, I just made it home from the 20 hour drive. The week total was 150 roosters, plus a few sharptail grouse. This was all private land/public land that we hunted on. It's always nice to have friends;) There was at least 8 people hunting a day, which made for great times. Here is one pic from the trip. The birds on the left are sharptail grouse and not hen pheasants, just to point that out:D


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Man, that's a LOT of feather plucking awaiting you! I don't believe I have ever eaten pheasant. Does it taste like chicken? :)
We skinned all those, plucking would have taken forever! As for the taste, take the taste of chicken and multiply it by a million. Pheasants have an all white meat breast and are by far the best eating game bird IMO. Not to far behind them is the ruffed grouse, which is also a great eating bird. It was a great trip, and my legs are a bit tired from the walking, but it was one heck of a great trip, can't wait to go back in two years..

What a great trip!

I'm glad to see you had a good time, I know you've been talking about that trip for a long time.
The birds on the left are sharptail grouse and not hen pheasants, just to point that out
Sure Ken! ;) Did the game warden buy that "explaination"?? :D

Making me jealous, Ken. Pheasant season doesn't open here for several more weeks. (Not that there are any left after your little expedition!)
Many time when I'm showing off pic's from my trips I hear "oh sure you guys get to shoot hens out there" of course that is after they see the sharptail grouse. The season opened here Oct. 20th and I would consider it pure luck if I actually got to see one here in MI. I'm gonna guess we saw over 300 birds in a weeks time. Wait make that 6 days, since one day there were winds of 50 MPH, made shooting the birds a bit tough. Can you say "lead and swing through" easy to say but tough to do in winds like that;) That day we hunted 12 ounce silver cans, which I'm pretty sure I got my "limit" of;) Attached is a pic of the three types of birds we shot, of course ringneck pheasants, sharptail grouse, and gray partridge or hungarian partridge as they as also called.

Can ya tell I got a new digi cam?:D


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Just pullin your chain, Ken. ;)

The 1st pheasant I bagged was a big rooster (or so I thought). He flushed right up into the morning sun, so I squinted hard, induced proper lead, and took him down with a single her down with a single shot......

It amazed me how fast a 12 year old could beat feet with a shotgun and game bag through a maize field.

(Did I say that out load?? Anyone know what the statute of limitations is on this???)

To this day, I refuse to shoot until I can positively identify the target. Live and learn, I guess. :D
Yeah I know you were just messin'. There were quite a few times I had to let birds fly away because the sun was in my eyes and I had no idea if they were roosters ir hens. All I can tell you is that they were pheasants. I have decided that next time I go out I need to get in better shape. After chasing a few birds down a stubble field with broken wings, I know I need to be in much better shape. Boy do those birds move!
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