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New Ruger MkIII Series .22 Pistols

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Anyone see, handle or shoot these yet?

They will have a button mag release behind the trigger like most pistols have no more heal release, AFAIK.

Plus redesigned grips and maybe frame.

The mag release was the main problem I had with these guns though not a biggy.
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While the mag release is inconvienent on my Mk II Bull Barrel I can't justify the cost of a new one.
While I do like the American type mag release I can't say that I'd buy a MKIII.(just bought a MKII:))
The main reason is that the MKIII has an internal lock.I'd rather not have a lawyered up pistol.The original worked just fine for 50 years....
OH crap you mean Ruger is doing that also?


Looks like I may just build a .22 using an alloy Gov't frame and a .22 conversion kit then.
Yep,didn't you know that we all need nannies now?:alien: :angry:
Just think how many childrens' lives will be saved by the 25 pound trigger pulls the lawyers are suggesting.... ;)
Yeah,we'll have to all buy 10"barrels on the new pistols.That way,when the lock freezes up the gun,you can always pretend that the squirels are seals & club 'em.:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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