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New to BP

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I recently purchased a replica 1851 Navy colt BP. Any suggestions on what the best powder to use, ammo etc etc.. OH and shooting regular bullets out of it instead of the round balls??
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15 lousy grs? in .44 cap andball? that sounds awful feeble to me. FFFG powder, should be considerably more than that,even with conical bullets. Double that(or more) with round ball, IIRC.
Myself,I hated how hard black powder was to get, 1968, for a 16 year old boy, and how much of it I had to use, and how much it cost. I took to mixing 3grsof Bullseye powder with 3 grs of fffg black powder. I'd prepare the charges in advance,put them in empty capsules from the pharmacy, and carried them in an old Remington 38 special ammo box. :)
if u keep the charges small enough, it doesn't matter. 3.0 grs of bullseye, in a .44 cap and ball,is nothing. All the 3 grs of black powder did was let the old style cap ignite the smokeless. They wouldn't do so with just a charge of smokeless in the chamber, I had to use a drill and wood screw to pull the balls from the cylinder.
they are talkingabout FILLING the chamber with smokeless, like the typical dumbass might be inclinded to do. :)
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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