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Newest Python heading my way!

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I made the mistake of going to GunBroker the other night and got myself into more trouble. But how could I resist this:

And it comes with it's own wood display case as well. I might put this one in the wife's curio cabinet instead of the vault. :D

I am SOOO weak......
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Commemoritive (sp?) of.....what?

I see it has a Thompson inlaid on the barrel.
I thought this would be interesting to own. It's a BATF commemorative special edition.

I guess I should have copied the other photos:

Here's the text in the ad from GunBroker:

This gun is listed on the ATF's website under Curios or Relics.( It comes with a wooden display case inlaid with a brass plate displaying a whisky still raid. The gun itself is etched on the left side of the reciever with a US Dept of Treasury Special agent badge, the right side has an american flag. The barrel shows a tommy gun with several moonshine jugs on the right side, and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms banner on the left side.
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