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and beyond 500m impossible. so there is no such thing as having "more range" than 223 can match, if you just have enough sense to hole up in daylight, if stuck in open country.

NVD goggles CAN'T see BOTH your iron sights (even luminous) AND the target, at much distance all. You have to FOCUS the goggles, either on the sights, or "infinity" (ie, the target) To use them well reqires that you ALSO have a laser or IR sight on the rifle. MORE electronics to go-bad on you, in the rain, cold, when you drop the rifle, go prone (being shot at)etc.
you need to do a lot more research on night vision. There are scopes that allow hits at night well past 500 meters. They’re pricey, but they exist. A good thermal or a gen 3+ night vision scope are capable beyond that distance. Thermals allow detection at longer ranges, night vision allows more precision. Watch for hybrid systems becoming available and affordable that combine both.

there are clip on nvds that work with your existing optics. A laser or illuminator are useful, but not necessarily a requirement. Plus they work both ways.

go watch some of the hog hunters and the distances they are taking hogs at night.

if you’re willing to spend the money, all the things you claim are impossible are doable.
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