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revealing, actually. Going prone, from the leather, the 10 second, 5 shot rapidfire string, with a 3.5" 10 ring, is pretty demanding. It's a pc of cake to do the same thing on the 20 second "timed fire" string, of course. The 5 minute, 5 shot slowfire string, at 50 yds, same 3.5" 10 ring, is a really stringent test of your ultimate accuracy. Standing there, one handed is pure bs. It's an extention of the time when guys had to train for duels. The SWPL offered this free style NM course as one of the 5 matches (of which you chose 3) that a man seeking the title of "Combat Master" had to post scores of over such and such in order to qualify for that title. Others were the Mexican Defense Course, Int'l RapidFire (on combat targets, freestyle, from the leather) The Leatherslap, and I'm having a brain fart about what the 5th match was.
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