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NO .44 load, in a carryable pistol, beats 20ga

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slug ballistics. The 20 ga is 330 grs at1200-1300 fps. Put a 330 gr bullet in a 6" barreled .44 mag, and it won't crack 1200 fps, I promise you. So, no, the .44 mag is NOT a "stopper" of bears or cape buffalo, with body shots. So it is a VERY poor choice of handgun,even if you DO live on the Zambesi River.:)
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Won't argue 20 vs .44. Different guns, different uses. BUT - Andy, get your ballistics figures right. A factory 20 gauge gut-bucket slug is about 275 grains, with a MV of 1580 FPS.

I don't load (or shoot) .44 Magnum, but in .45 Colt, I'm pushing a hard-cast WFN 335 grain bullet at a MV of 1325 FPS, that out of a 4 5/8" barrel. I know that the .44 can't beat that (safely), but it can come close.

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