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No.4mk1 to .45-70

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Since I've an extra one about,with a sticky chamber,and Navy arms re-barells No,1 mk111's to 45-70 seems this might be feasible and fun, but just how would I go about doing this?Any Idea of power level of loads in this,realizing it probably couldnt go with Ruger pressures but ought to get close! thanks
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Not sure about that conversion. I do know of people that have converted the SMLE to 7.62x54R. They say that works quite well.
i personally wouldn't

trust that action, with the potential of that cartridge

although, i like the novel concept of your thinking!


it's not as strong of a bolt gun as people think it is['one at a time,please]

the stock it's self probablywouldn't hold up
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A buddy of mine took a .303cal P14 Enfield action and turned it into a .458 WinMag carbine with a 17" barrel. Looks kind of neat with African sites and all.

Looking at the muzzle, the thing looks almost like a shotgun. The recoil and muzzle blast is akin to a 105mm howitzer.
Gibbs rifle co. has been doing that conversion for years.I've never tried one myself.The main complaint seems to come from Enfield collecters.They,apparently,don't like the bastardization of the SMLE.
Go for it!
Please, please don't do that to an Enfield!

But, it can be done, as .41 Mag pointed out Gibbs (NOT well known for the QUALITY of their conversions BTW) has been doing that for some time. I think you'd be limited to the factory offerings from Federal, Winchester and Remington, who load theirs to pressures that are safe for antique Trapdoor Springfields, i.e. the same pressures as the blackpowder loads generated.

Before that gets you down, remember that the BP loads took everything on the planet in their day.

Please dont be distressed 'bout this enfield,she had a bad go of it so far,stock replaced and black painted ,no neither suncorite or burnt oil finnish,plus seems like the need of a hammer to remove spent casing relegates it to a wall hanger or re-work.
Intending to use 25 inch barrel and military stock,since i dont have a 45-70 and want one seems the way to go.Shame tho is she is accurate w/2 groove rifling.P.s. Gibbs Only has the short barells and cannot do work on an individuals weapon
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