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no u AINT gonna just drop the "non-combat"

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gear (post shtf) cause if you do, u probably will never see it again, and there won't BE any Uncle Sugar to issue you some more gear, or any other sort of help, for that matter. All you are likely to have is what you start with, and what you can make (or TAKE) with the gear and the ability that you start shtf with. Period. That's certainly all you can COUNT upon. Murphy is going to screw with THAT enough, much less all the other crap you THINK you are going to have, arrange, etc.
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where u GOING, shtf, that u NEED a map for, hmm?

u'd BETTER know how to get to the retreat, SEVERAL ways, by having TRAVELED those routes, both at night and by day. The only thing a compass will do for you is indicate a general direction, when fog, clouds, snow, rain, etc block your view of the sun or the stars. U aint going to be able to walk a straight line, very far or long, cause you will HAVE to yield to the terrain,ice, snow,mud, enemies, fallout, disease, fires, floods, the need to FORAGE, find water,etc. After u ARRIVE at retreat (IF you do, and IF it's not already "held" by people who'll shoot you on sight) WHERE you going after that, hmm? WHAT value maps and stuff, hnmm? do they show you were the edible plants are? do they show you where the good fuel wood is? Hell no they don't. They wont show you were the fools have burned over the area, where the avalanches, floods, etc have CHANGED everything, etc. You will just have to LEARN all that, by walking around the area, and you'd BETTER have done some of that BEFOREHAND, especially the finding of water, and of food sources, shelter from the elements, and with an eye to defence, e and e, etc.
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This is one of the most draw out explanations to justify having no preparations, no skill, no planning, and no experience that I've seen in a long time.
It also clearly shows that he doesn't understand how to use a map or a compass. He is always talking about the need to walk in a straight line when using a compass.

A compass does not require you to walk in a straight line at all, or even follow any particular route. Using a map and a compass, you can determine your position rather quickly relative to visible landmarks in the distance. (the more detailed the map, the more accurate the postion fix).

Gunkid, your posts on the subject clearly show you have no idea on how to use either a map or a compass. You probably should avoid commenting on them in the future.

Gunkid, look in the mirror, and you'll see the stupidist person you know!

"no u AINT gonna just drop the "non-combat" gear (post shtf) cause if you do, u probably will never see it again,"

I think most people are smart enough to make the right choice, if the choice is between dropping the "non-combat" gear and surviving, or keeping the "non-combat" gear and dying. A person would have to be a real idiot to make the wrong choice there, or should I say a real <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>.
Is it at all possible someone here may not want to admit to dropping gear if the SHTF maybe because it is too much like droping pants in jail? Sort of leaves you with that vulnerable feeling.... :laugh01: :laugh01:
When faced with a hostile enviornment, you dump all non essential, non fighting gear, sort out the problem then recover your kit. Simple isn't it erika/gunkid.
My goodness, did I write that posts two up from here! I try to be nicer online, really I do but sometimes the real me comes out even in computer land.
Gunkids an idiot, so what do you expect. Of course he will drop his non-combat gear. He'll drop everthing and run the other way or just drop to his knees and beg. With his bad back, I'm sure he won't be carrying much anyway, combat or non-combat gear.

Amazing how much he spends posting his half baked ideas.
Much of gunkid's posts sounds like he is just verbalizing a death wish. Too much adolescent stupid stuff and not enough to really keep a person alive.

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