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Non-lead solder, plumbing supply stores

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is about $8 a lb. You get about 80 .45 bullets per lb out of it. It's 95% tin, 5% antimony. It's a VERY hard alloy, so you have to size such bullets with the Lee sizer,mounted in a reloading press, and lube them with Lee Liquid Lube. Such is a simple, low cost process, however. If you don't have a lathe, you can make a holding mandel for such bullets, and mount them in a 1/2" drill (or 3/8", for 9mm bullet R and D. Mount the aluminum rod in the drill, lock the trigger, clamp the drill in your vise, use files or Dremel grinder to shape the mandrel. Use the Dremel's cut off disks to slit the mandrel from the front (3 slits) so that clamping it in the drill (or lathe) chuck will compress the aluminum mandrel on the bullet. This will let you hollowpoint or hollowbase bullets, without marring them in the chuck. Open a caliper to 1/2 the diameter of the bullet, and lock its jaw. Use one jaw of the caliper to make an "x" on the bullet's base. Use a prick punch, then a center punch to mark the center of the bullet base. (or the nose, for hollowpointing, same procedure) You can then use a "rotary file", in another drill or the Dremel, to hb or hp the bullet, as it spins in the drill.
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