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Norma Brass

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Anyone have experience with Norma brass? I know Teuf said Lapua is some of the best, and priced accordingly, but I've noticed that Norma is usually quite a bit more expensive and is one of the few sources of 7.62x54R brass that I've found. Just wondered if anyone used it and can say if it's worth the price.
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I haven't, but I wanted to mention S&B brass. Some people seem to hate it and say just throw it away without bothering to reload, but I've had good luck with it. Sometimes it's even cheaper to buy S&B soft points and shoot them to get brass than to buy unloaded brass from other

I'm not saying it is as good as Lapua, but I don't think it is all that bad.
Both Norma and Lapua are both of very high quality. And very expensive. Winchester is supposedly starting to manufacture 7.62X54R brass, available by October. If the Winchester actually becomes available, I'm thinking that unless it's poor quality (a possibility but not probable), that it will be a much better value than the Norma or Lapua. They will both still be of higher quality than the Winchester, but at a much higher price.

I only mentioned the brass I have personal experience with, I don't know anything about Norma brass first hand.

I don't own too many calibers and most all my reloading is .308 and LR bolt gun ammo and .223 High Power. I shoot nato spec ball in my GP M1A's and rack grade AR's. I also reload quite a few heavy .45 Colt loads in .50 cal can runs but, I don't reload auto pistol ammo for practice or defence, I use factory.

KJUN, Funny thing is, it is cheaper to buy S&B ammo, by the 20, than it is to buy Norma brass in bulk. . .:eek:

45Colt, It would be nice if Winchester does start shipping brass for the 7.62x54R. I'll keep a lookout.

Norma and Lapua might be good brass (Norma was TWICE what Lapua is for 7.62x54R, it better be made of gold), but I can't justify spending that on ammo that'll be shot through a $50 milsurp rifle. . .LOL

Thanks for the replies, guys.
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