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Normal M1A scope "base" sucks. It's a "t"

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slot, female, in the side of the receiver. An aluminum mount's Male "t" will SOON be worn to worthlessness if you remove, replace it much at ALL. The SLIGHTES amount of movent in a scope mount renders it a worthless pos. a STEEL M1A mount is one lb, SO is a scope that offers you ANYTHING in the way of greater range than the 223 is capable of, on men. 9 lb rifle, 2 lbs of scope and mount, a lb of bipod and sling, 20 rds of 308 150 gr ammo-one lbs. Steel M14 mags weigh 7 ozs EACH. :) I aint wrong when I call 308 rifles pointless old CLUNKS.
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We count on your weakness Melvin. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Enjoy your downhill slide in life. BTW, my steel ARMS detachable scope mount is just about perfect. I can't find a fault yet. Maybe you should check into quality stuff instead of the cobbled up pos that you favor.

You mean those Pimp Guns and Pimp Loads of his?
The pimp loads, yes but a real pimp wouldn't be caught with a pos like Melvin makes. Pimps like real guns like the Jennings and Raven and RG with flashy chrome plate - not something with rough welds and torch burns.

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