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"Nova" Star 9mm is nice,but Tim left it

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only HALF done. Should feature luminous sights, stippliing on frame, have a ducktail frametang,mag catch moved to butt, bottom rear of trigger guard should have a "sinus" like the Firestar's, so that you can get your hand WAY up higher onthe gun, helping to control recoil. Ditto a PPK type finger extention on the bottom front of the mag, trigger job, ambi safety, Lexan stocks.

Tony La France, tim's dad, always used to insist that the users of his "chopped" pocket Star used Silvertip ammo. 115 grs at a whoopee, 1050 fps,no expansion of the jhp in flesh (most likely) and a whopping 270 ft lbs,some of which would be wasted on overpenetration,most likely. Hell, a 15 oz, 6" long Star DK 380, using handloads with the 85 gr Silvertip bullet, can have over 300 ft lbs, simply by driving the Silvertip to nearly 1300 fps. It's got a locked Breech, making such loads safe, and the Silvertip 380 bullet uses an aluminum jacketed, hollowbased,LUBED bullet, which seals the bore better, has less bore friction, and expands in flesh at lower velocities. the Silvertip 9mm is nothing more than a NICKELPLATED regular COPPER jacketed hp.

So, there's no point in paying Tim $2000 for the Nova,unless you are going to rechamber it to 356 TSW, and drive a 55 gr, 3 segmented prefrag to 2200 fps, getting AP performance, no overpenetrating,and 3 wound tracks with each shot. Now THAT'S real performance, in a 20 oz pocket pistol. I'd take the hot loaded 380 over .45 ball ammo,any day, and I'd sure take the 356 Split Nose Prefrag,over 230gr Plus P .45 jhp's,too.
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