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December of 2019 I rejoined the NRA which I hadn't been a member of for well over 20years.
Mainly because of what keeps happening to me every 6 months by US Mail and almost every week by email.
I got a 5 Year Membership 2 years ago. But I keep getting notices that make it sound like my membership will expire soon.
And I'm getting fed up with it.

Like in the title it sounds very similar to the PCH crap my mother got in the mail up until she passed away.😡

I joined mainly to get into the shooting competitions and work up to getting some instructor certifications and the one for Range Safety Officer. Of course that was right before Covid19.🙄 I'm hanging in there just for those reasons. Otherwise I'd plan on not renewing it when it does actually expire.
I can't see advertising and fundraising tactics like this help get or retain membership. But I guess it works on some people.
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