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CLEVELAND - Buckeye Firearms Association is excited to
announce its endorsement of House Bill 347. The bill’s primary
sponsor, Representative Jim Aslanides (R-94) of Coschocton,
has again taken lead in improving firearms laws in the Ohio
House. HB347 has overwhelming support as indicated by the
bill's 47 sponsors.

Perhaps the most momentous accomplishment is that HB 347 is a
statewide preemption bill. It ensures that firearms laws are
uniform throughout the state. 43 states currently have similar
laws, and they have proven to be successful and are well
accepted by police. This will eliminate problems for all gun
owners who have been unduly burdened by local ordinances such
as the Columbus’ so-called assault weapons ban or the unjust
firearms confiscation and convictions in Toledo. This is
crucial to anyone who owns a firearm in Ohio.

"This bill, while sweeping in breadth, is packed with
common-sense fixes that help every type of gun owner,"
observed Ken Hanson, Buckeye Firearms Association Legislative
Chair. "HB 347 would be worth passing if the only thing
contained in the bill was preemption, which is desperately
needed in Ohio. The fact that the bill goes beyond preemption
and addresses specific problems that have plagued the law
abiding gun owners shows that Rep. Aslanides really
understands the plight we are in under current law."

HB347 fixes the most severe problems that have become apparent
during the past year and a half as over 60,000 people received
their concealed handgun licenses (CHL’s) and began carrying
under Ohio’s law. The most common complaint amongst license
holders has been the "plain sight" requirement in a motor
vehicle. HB347 eliminates that ill-conceived requirement.

Representative Aslanides’ bill goes much further than solving
the two biggest problems Ohio gun owners face. It allows
people to opt out of having their name and CHL status printed
in newspapers and posted on the Internet.

Sheriff’s must send renewal notices to CHL holders whose
license is expiring, and must accept applications during
normal business hours (no appointments). There is an increase
in cost to $55 for a license, and new licenses will be valid
for five years.

Affirmative defenses have been added for discharging your
firearm to defend you life in your car, and law enforcement
officers have additional rights.

"The anti-gunners will shriek the same old "blood in the
streets" they always do, and will be wrong once again," said
Jim Irvine, Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association. "Instead
of problems, several people have survived deadly encounters
and returned safely to their family because they properly
defended their life. HB347 will become law and encourage more
people to get their CHL. By the end of the current session,
more that 100,000 people will have a CHL and Ohio will be a
safer place to live."
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