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OK, I'll stick my toe in the water

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I shoot Benchrest, a couple of different types of targets: USBR & ARA. Also a little silhouette.
Anyone else out there been bit by this particular brand of shooting madness:confused:
*Note* The first time you get a benchrest target in your sights at 50yds, you will redefine the term 'Humility';)
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Hi anodes!

I wonderd if you'd follow that link gbart left... Nice Place they got here:smokin:
I'd like to see pics of your new chair... got digicam?;)
While yer at it, how bout amazing and delighting the folks with pics of your .22 Gatling Gun:D Didja ever get those Condor mags to function properly?:uzi:
"You are only outgunned if you MISS!"

That's a quote attributed to Jeff Cooper that I use as a sig line in a forum some of the posters here are familiar with. :p

Wind flags? Yes Please! - 3 at 50yds.:D

I ain't perfect - but I'm GAINING on it.

Having FUN while doing it too:nuts:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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