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potential, dumbass. $400 in 1985 is SAME as $900 today, because of inflation. We've averaged 5% inflation every year, since 1970. Everything DOUBLES in price, every 14-15 years. ever heard of the "rule of 72's? Its what we use to calculate inflations, as well as compound interest. so, YEAH, I got mad enough to go AFTER a guy, over owing me $400 in 1985, me on the run, etc, and the pos getting snotty about it, threatening me with the cops, etc. He's REAL lucky he didn't get shot.

All I'd have had to do was be on the run in some OTHER state,instead of CA. No difference, really. :) Why do you THINK people fear and hate 'transients"? they KNOW that the guy "without roots" can get away with pretty much anything he REALLY wants to do, if he's got a bit of balls and ability.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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