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once hit with 223 in chest, u won't

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be hitting any bobbing heads or dodging torsos at 300m,much less at 500m. You ALREADY can't hit them more than 10% of your shots, BEFORE you took a chest hit. You gonna STUPIDLY run right out there and look at the body you just hit, or what, twits? What does it MATTER if he flops around, plays possum, etc for 30-60 seconds, before bleeding out, hmm? He's no longer a threat to you, if you just have enough sense to stay at a distance.
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Blah. Blah. Blah.

I'll just wait til the vultures feast on your eyeballs.


u'll be dead long before such a thing

is ever seen, count on it.
Stupe. You saying everyone is going to miss 90 percent of the time? So that means a stupe like you who carries only 30-60 rounds has ony 3 to 6 hits. Stupe like you won't have time to fire those 10 shots to get one hit. With your bad back, bozo, and being out of shape, you won't even be able to check anything or get any loot before they do u in. Short of water, no idea where you are or where the water is, it's going to be you who has to come out and find water in daylight. All they have to do is wait by a pond or stream, 500 yards away, and that will be the end of gunkid the bozo.
Re: u'll be dead long before such a thing

223 fan said:
is ever seen, count on it.
The thing that I count on is your underestimating me.

I CAN count upon your ineptitude

and stupid attitude. That's as reliable as anything in life.
Hehehe. Vulture spots gunkid. "Ummmm. Fresh eyeballs and protruding tongue".

Vulture laughs at disfigured foot and exceptionaly large anal canal
Second vulture (Jeckyll) turns to first vulture (Heckyll) and says "Hey man, there's a 3-day dead possum over there, let's go eat that and skip the cheap meat."
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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