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once u TAKE your one big animal of the

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season.,monster revolver is about as useful as Rika's tits. :)
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Hmm, lets see. Many states allow more than one deer. (I guess you don't consider that), then there's more than one species of big game, and then there's medium game, and then there's varmits.

I realize that a gay person may not have any use for the breasts of a woman, but since you wouldn't understand, that's all I'll say on the subject...

Rika, if this is in anyway offensive, then I am truly sorry.

Gunkid - you really need help.

Gunclod says: ".,monster revolver is about as useful as Rika's tits. :)"

Sounds like a case of "bosom envy", gunclod. You can probably find a training bra to wear under your shirt if it will make you feel better. Not a replacement for your manhood in the red velvet bag up on the shelf of the closet but TS. Now I know why you don't like monster revolvers - they're a phallic symbol to your small mind and you're jealous because your phallus is mini-derringer sized.

Regarding the big bore handgun... well, it depends. When I am working on my place in WVA, I have my .44 strapped to my hip religiously.

As for the tits comment, I'm not going to respond simply because I respect Erika too much and any response would be ungentlemanly...

After his prison experience, it is easy to see why his has "bosom envy", he has no requirement for a set of b*lls
I read this thread for the first time, minutes after it was posted.

It was not necessary to defend RIKA because she can defend herself.

Take my "silence" as a sign of respect for RIKA.
JD slams the revolver but always talks about:

1) You're inept if you cannot get the job done in less than 6 rounds.

2) Pontificates about how the .460 Rowland is so awesome - ballistically similar to a .44mag

So there's not a whole lot of difference between what JD advocates and a big bore revolver.

In that situation, you can look at the words of HW McBride who talked about combat in WWI, stating that the main advantage that the auto has is the ease of reloading in the dark.
Gee;for general "toting" during my backpacking days(or deer trips in the NE rifle states)I tended to favor mid to large frame revolvers...usually .357's with "warm" handloads in the 158 grain range,but on a few occasions, a stainless Blackhawk in .45 LC(hot ,hardcast loads assembled by trusted friends).Lighter loads were also included in my alice pack&gear.I nver really had a problem with it...although the only deer I ever took with a handgun was with a .357 Bisley&Keth style SWC HP's.The deer did not go very far....mmmmmm,backstrap :cool:
The biggest thrill of my life was taking hogs with various handguns last October. If things hold up, am looking to taking a deer with my Ruger 45 Colt this season. Melvin doesn't know what he is missing.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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