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only about 10% of military is infantry. Almost

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NONE of air force, or Navy is, and they are a HUGE chunk of military, not many of Army are, either. There's lots of Marines who are cooks, mechanics, etc, ya know. shtf, the military bases will be SWARMING with politicians, celebrities, and the wealthy, all wanting "protection from the rabble". Most of the military won't have a CLUE how to provide it, either. Even if they WANTED to do so. Women and kids crawliing all over the place. :) Lots of fires, sniping, sabotage, etc, all over the country, military aint going to be able to do crap about it, either.
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that Basic training bs doesn't wash. There's a whopping 150,000 Marines, many of whom can barely tie their shoes. :)
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