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job, dumbass. ANY sort of job, ANY time. U wanna drill a hole in the trigger guard, so you can drill and tap the frame of M|21 for a setscrew overtravel set up, dummy? This is a trick question,dummy.

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You are unable to comprehend, and are trying to take something out of context. You are being a liar through mis-direction.

I just called you a liar.

here's what was said:

Re: let's SEE u get it done in 3 minutes, without

Originally posted by 223 fan
any problems, too. :)

Doing it right is more important than doing it fast.

Why suddenly does it have to take 3 minutes?

I could care less if it took an hour, as long as the end result was a quality job.

From your posts, quality isn't a high priority on your projects. You always go for the cheapest pos and then hack on it.

I would rather spend the money up front, buy a quality firearm and then if there are any mods I feel are warranted, have a good smith do it right.

but, that's me.

If you want to go the cheap pos route, that's your business, but it clearly isn't the best way to go

Here's a link to what was said so the context can be verified

you try and create a position by misleading people. But, like I said.

I could care less if it took an hour instead of 3 minutes, because QUALITY matters more than how quickly the job is done, especially when it concerns a firearm.

But only a fool would want to do the job sacrificing quality for speed.


p.s. you were just pointed out to be wrong, and deceitful. Again.
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