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So as I think I already pointed out somewhere in a thread, I wrote emails to President Bush, my two NY Senators and my representative in Congress (the last three being ultra liberals anti-gun nuts). In my letters to them I asked that they oppose the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban.

I got to thinking of to whom else I could write, and I got some help from John Kerry on that one. He made a speech yesterday or the day before in which he blasted President Bush and the NRA for opposing renewal of this ban (although I am none too sure Bush actually opposes its renewal). Kerry said that ALL law enforcement officers in the USA (or all police not sure if he said LEOs, cops, or police, but you get the drift he used the word ALL) are supportive of the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban. Because of that I decided to write to John Kerry and let him know that not all of us, by a long shot, are supportive of the renewal but rather that many of us oppose it. I am sure my letter will do little good, except maybe to get me in hot water if he is elected. You see if he gets elected he becomes my boss. Despite that I figured I should voice my opinion on the matter, and I am hopeful that others will do the same. Flood his in box with as much email as you can on this issue. Let's let him know that most of America is opposed to the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban and is opposed to the infringement of our right to keep and bear arms.

Best regards,
Glenn B :twoguns:
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