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"or" does NOT mean the same thing as

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AND, stupes. When a guy says "this OR that", it means ONE or the OTHER, stupes. As in snow, OR use the dog, stupes, not use the dog in the snow, stupes.
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And this is a... rifle??? It's in the 'RIFLE' section. So stupekid now thinks dogs are rifles? Or is it SNOW that stupekid thinks is a rifle? Notice I said 'or'. Is stupekid stupid OR just ignorant?
No, it's that he can't read, or is incapable of actually continuing a post in the thread it belongs to.

He likes to claim that he's so much better at the english language and all, that he can't even put his posts in the thread they belong in.

He lacks any sort of discipline (this messed up thread is a good example) and cannot even find threads that HE started, to continue a post in.

Maybe he's too stupid or messed up mentally. Nobody else seems to have the problems with putting topics in the correct forums, or continuing discussions in the thread where they belong.

One "or" the other

Your choice Melvin
Choice one:Come whoop my @ss so I can turn off my pourch light "or"
Choice two:Tell me you changed your mind because taking the chance of getting your @ss whooped was to much for you to handle and I might as well turn off my pourch light to conserve energy because there is no way in hell that you ever really planned on backing up your threats to begin with.
What does he think he is now?

An English Teacher?:laugh:

Why don't he get his website running Hmmm......?

What happened to that grand project?:rolleyes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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