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And here lie the crux of what killed both the militia movement and the patriot movement: who's going to be the first to actually back up the rhetoric? How many incidents have there been that should have been a "major call to arms"? Well, no call was made and no one showed up. Usually when events like this happens the most vociferous members of the groups (often the one spouting the most rhetoric in "normal times) immediately decry the situation as "not the one" that should provoke outright hostilities. In fact they decry anyone who suggests such as being reckless, too-hot-tempered, out of control, etc. In short the movement is their cause, NOT the freedom the movement was supposed to restore.

I once asked one of the loud shouters who would do what is necessary if any action was taken in incidents such as this. You know, the guys that actually go and FIGHT the tyranny, not just whine about it on websites, they can't ever go home again. Their lives are over. So now who's going to take in them and their families, aid them in avoiding the "authorities", taking the legal risk, since doing so is a crime? These people can never work again, the system would quickly pick them up, so who's going to feed, shelter, buy them clothes, etc for only the work the family can do around the house/property?

Know what the answer was? Silence, no answer. NO ONE would take the risk of doing what was necessary to harbor these people after "fighting for their rights". Therefore, EVERYONE knowing this, NOONE will volunteer to be the first sacrificial lambs (like the BRAVE men of Lexington green and Concord bridge) to get the ball rolling. Hence, the movement(s) are dead. And THAT's why "they" (whatever they're called in the PS circles today) will not do a major escalation, or roundups. Doing it slowly, one piece at a time, virtually guarantees there will be no serious response.

It would probably take a major, widespread, GK-style SHTF to prod anyone into a serious action.

So keep doing what you're doing, namely watching for you and your own, hopefully have several plans of escape, should that become necessary.
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