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Oshkosh Police raid?

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:duck: very litle being said on Police action in Oshkosh;with entire neiborhood evacuated and residents returning to ransacked homes and missing weapons, seems like folks should be screamin
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I'm in the dark.Can someone shed some light?Link?
That's infuriating!& scary!The fact that it's been kept so low key bothers me most.It's one thing to read a weekly blurb where a cop tazes an 80yr lady-that's just stupid.IMO it's a whole different kettle of rotten tuna when cop(s) seek to trample the Constitution & then come out with a weak apology.
Lock & load indeed!Hire a cheap attorney who can read,convict 'em,& then behead them in the public square!
223 fan said:
there will be steadily more such stuff, ESPECIALLY if Bush is reelected,and if Repbulicans retain control of Congress. The Patriot Act gives Big Brother the same powers that the Nazis had. It's just WAITING to be implemented.
The alternative is Kerry.Who will just flip/flop through his four years VOTING against our rights as opposed to the Bush plan of taking them away by force....
Grrrrrrrrr :twoguns:
mrostov said:
The police, more and more, are considering themselves a separate, privileged class with special rights and considerations. One clear indicator of this is the current drive for a national ccw for retired police officers (but not for the rest of us).
Yep,the whole civilian vs. cop thing.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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