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over 200 prisons in lower 48 states, at

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least 1/3rd of which are unfenced "camps". In other words, the inmates can just walk away, any night that they choose to do so. if shtf, WHERE you gonna PUT them, hmm? The fenced areas are ALREADY full, and HOW you gonna get ENOUGH cops around such places, FASTenough, hmm? They will be busy securing the "main" prisons. Feds routinely let guys go to camps with 5 years LEFT to serve. Bet you didnt know THAT. Some states are even more "generous" about such things, too.
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223 fan said:
if shtf, WHERE you gonna PUT them, hmm?
Well, if they get away clean and act like humans, most people won't care enough to look into their backgrounds, so long as they're going along with the program. If they return to their criminal proclivities, they'll most likely be planted, by LEOs or citizens. If SHTF, there won't be much concern for keeping people in prison for a lot of the BS crimes their imprisoned for.
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