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people r just stupid about this revolver bs.

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Siefried favors a 2.5" 357, in his BOOT fercrissakes, when he goes to town, because he MIGHT get a shot at a coyote. Well, why not have a RIFLE in the vehicle for the trip,hmm? Aint like Ross aint got many millions of $, and he can't RISK having an sks in the truck. :) I dont care WHO you are, you dont outshoot even a bozo like garnad, when he has an sks and all you have is a 2.5" barreled 357, as far as taking coyotes goes. :)
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I like autos and revolvers, but revolvers do have their advantages. Revolvers do not place a load on their springs while loaded. The functional reliability of revolvers is not dependent on a minimum power level. If I was going to keep a revolver around primarily for big game hunting or popping coyote, it would likely be an adjustable sighted, single action.
Who are you to criticize Ross Seyfried? Money or not, at least he has done something with his life while you have not. Besides, my Ruger Blackhawk begs to ride along with me on my woods trips and he can do what needs to be done.

I don't have an SKS, that falls under cheap inaccurate garbage, basicly what you would carry gunkid. I've shot against enough shooters using an SKS, to know my Garand is an advantage if the balloon ever went up.
223 Fan said:
people r just stupid about this revolver bs.
Yes, you are.

Revolvers are very versatile, much more so than autoloaders. Autoloaders take field abuse a bit better than revolvers, but unless you're stupid, revolvers are easy to keep clean and functioning, and they can run the power gamut from light shotshells, through heavy blasters in most calibers from .357 on up.

Another fine revolver is the Ruger Single Six. With it's spare cylinder for .22 Magnum, you can fire .22 short, .22 long, .22 long rifle, and .22 magnum, also the no-powder loads and 60-gr subsonic sniper rounds that a lot of autoloading guns just don't like. Something that no autoloader "unit" or not will do. So if you want real versatility, not knowing what kind of rimfire ammo you might come across, the Single Six is the way to go. And unless you're a real dipdunk, you don't need a suppressor.
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Considering how good a shot Ross Seyfried is, I bet he is better with that 2 1/2 combat magnum than gunkid is with is 11 CAR. And that's why Seyfried can carry his pistol and not worry. He's far better a shot, and a man, than gunkid could ever hope to be.
If I was going into town, expecting to NEED a pistol, it sure wouldnt be stuck in my boot, and if I expected to ever FINISH "milady's coyoteskin coat", I'd keep a rifle in the truck. A LONG RANGED rifle, in fact, with a good scope. I dont believe in half-assed answers. A scoped sks easily has DOUBLE the chance of taking a coyote as one has with a short barreled revolver (or an inexperienced handgunner has with a long barrel, for that matter) A scoped Enfield probably has 3x that capability, too.

Since 1911's and its mags have been well proven to sit around, fully loaded, and function perfectly for 50 years, the "spring tension" thing is just bs. Since I don't put wussy loads in guns, (but rather use the .22 for wussy type jobs) the "full load" ammo requirement is no issue, either.
A rifle in the truck is a good idea where legal. The scoped Enfield is a much better choice than the SKS. Revolver is somewhat more versatile than the auto for non combat use though it will do for either. Just boils down to a person's preference.

If stup*kid was going to town he would not even have a pistol. Anyone after him could just easly snitch to the cops and... ops, 10 years in the slammer for gunkid. Being over 50, he would almost qualify for Social Security after he gets out. A snich could drop one bullet in gunkid's 'posession' and off he go to jail. Gunkid ain't go no pistol. He ain't go nothin.
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