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Personal member forums?

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I thought I would ask you all your opinions on something. Recently I had a request from a member here to create a separate forum for him that would be his own. Basically his own message board within this message board. I believe I can make a member a moderator and restrict moderator powers only to that forum, but honestly I'm not real sure on that.

My reservations on this are that it could make things messy. If this member wants to start a discussion on optics within his own forum, then what about the forum here that already is about that topic? Some new user wanting to find information on optics might not have any idea about looking within this sub message board about such topics.

But on the up side, maybe it would be fun for members to have their own little sub universe here. A place where they can control the flow of messages and do as they please within that area. Unfortunately a member would not have the capability to create, delete, or edit actual subforums within their area (at least I don't think so... I haven't checked out ALL of the capabilities of this new version of this message board).

So I'm sitting on the fence on this idea and thought I would try to get some feedback about this idea. Perhaps a trial basis might be worthwhile?

Anyway let me know what you think.

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give it a try!

it might be the 'cure for whats alin'

trial bases of 30 days? 60-90?

throw it up in the air and see how it lands.

i can tell you this much, from what i can tell from my fellow members,

no one will be 'force fed' a bunch of bunk.

but ONLY if it's not a big pita for you rich.

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If enough positives come in for this idea, who of you would like to have your own forum?

And give me a name you would like YOUR forum to be called. Tasteless suggestions will be ignored, of course...... :)
I think it would ba a good idea for a certain poster. I'm not too sure how easy it would be to limit all of his names to the forum or whatnot, maybe blitz one name and let him keep the other? I'm not sure anyone else would want their own forum if the one poster was locked in his.
Give it a shot, WTH, Darwinism will prove it or let it die. If you got the bandwidth, we got the time!
I think that there should be at least two.The first called simply The way it is;a true story of preperation for survival after the fall.By Andy/223
The second should be an irregular update on tree rat control in northern Florida by Rich.
The only rub, or potential rub I see, is if you make them the moderator of their own forum, you will see all the posts that they disagree with vanish - I'm not talking about inflammatory speech, or ilegal activities, just the ones they don't like.

But you can give it a try...

Patriot Network is adequate proof that MY forum is the only one that will see ANY activity, after a week or two. I'm the only one who knows enough to keep the place active. :)
OK, I set up the first one for the person who originally approached me with this idea. Figure the worst that could happen is that the world could end as we know it............ :bounce:
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