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piles of ammo justmean u'll die trying to

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defend it, or just have to abandon it. Pointless bs, either way.
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Not everybody plans on being a hobo like you do so we don't have to worry about that.

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn !!!!!!! WANNABE
Jealous? :)
More ammo on hand is like more food or clothing on hand. If I don't need it or die before using it, oh well; not much lost, and not much I can do about it.

I've said before, more "inventory" means more "options"; up to a point. (Having a billion rounds of ammo won't do an individual any more good than half a billion.) The only issue is "what is that point"? Having five rounds of ammo is, to most of us here, not nearly enough. Having five million is (IMO) pointless, unless you're an army supply sergeant. This takes us back to "what is that point" in between five rounds and five million...?

That's a subjective, personal thing. If that 'point' for you is 200 or 500 rounds, more power to you. Doesn't hurt me at all. If my 'point' is ten times that number, doesn't hurt you at all, either.

My view point for years was that I wanted enough to last my lifetime, in both best-case and worst-case scenarios. Now, added to that, is enough for my sons; again in both best- and worst-case scenarios. Will I or they ever need it? Probably (and hopefully) not. But it's not milk or cheese; it's not going to go 'bad', and it doesn't need to be rotated or maintained. So the only "downside" at all is the one-time cash outlay, and I don't mind that at all.

If the guy who owns 200 rounds has to 'bug out', he can do so, with his 200 rounds. I have the option of doing the exact same thing, if I choose to, don't I...? That's the key thing for me; having the option to do it or not. Having 'more' hasn't eliminated that possiblity; it's just given me the option of other possibilities.

Whether the subject is ammo, food, money, knowledge, or muscles, having "more" available to you doesn't hurt.
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One other thing.Having great piles of ammo means that,ifin you're so inclined,you can cache lots of it in several places.As opposed to say having to tote around a mini press & reloading supplies to feed the pet .460Rowland.
My survival retreat

I have a survival retreat in the mountains and stocked everything and brass and ammo in almost every caliber because the wuss jimmy carter had everyone afraid of the Russians. Now I am 35 years older and the internet is a great place to sell my stash off.

I have a lifetime collection of brass and ammo, reloading tools, dies parts, pistol grips, ammo boxes, lead smelters, bullet molds, and other stuff.
My kids live at the retreat now and thw world situation is somewhat better.

So I can do what I please and sell what I wish. I have some beautiful match winning .41 mag 4 cavity Saeco molds with handles, .41 Mag Smith pistol grips cause I see someone with the moniker of .41 here.

I have taught bulletcasting, reloading classes and a survival seminar

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:) .I'll DEFINATELY keep you in mind.
so, what all are ya willing to sell? :D
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