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Pistol, rds,mags, "can" rigs, can= 3 lbs

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, at MOST in the BOB, because the TOTAL of guns and ammo can't go beyond 15 lbs,and the RIFLE is easily 4x as important in the shtf scheme of things. 4 lbs of concealable armor, 6 lbs of water, 2 lbs of tools, 4 lbs of backpack, 2 lbs of extra clothing, 2 lbs of sleeping gear, 2 lbs of rations, 4 lbs of shelter-gear, for a total of 50 lbs, doesn't leave a lot of room for the many other, very essential items. 50 lbs is already too much for all but the very fittest of men, when they have to RUN, shoot, go prone, etc. 7 lbs left, to cover medical kit, walking stick, water filter,cookpot, bug dope, bugnetting, soap, utensils, mirror, twezers, fire starting gear, lighting gear, survival info, gold coins, wire, tape, sewing awl, sunglasses, fishing gear, cord, etc. :) Basically, you have to be VERY fit, skilled, knowledgable, and tough. That's why so FEW will even consider it, realistically. Nearly ALL "think" in terms of a 4wd vehicle, FULL of gear and food. :)
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While that might be fine in your geographical enviornment, it isn't in others. Those with the capacity to look ahead plan for multiple scenario's. One trick ponies won't last long being inflexible. Only an idiot wouldn't be capable of long term survival under multiple enviornments.
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