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Pistols and the AW Ban Sunset

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If the ban dies on Monday as seems likely it may have an interesting effect on pistol popularity. For example with 15 round magazones available 9mms may be much motr popular again.
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The prices people charged for hi-cap mags has been a rip-off. Now they will have to sell those mags for a reasonable price or lose to the competition.Can't wait to get some legal goodies for my AR15.

I think some companies may be sweating it. They probably paid a premium for the hicaps they now have in stock, and are now watching the probability that their value will be drastically reduced.

From what I have been reading, the AWB WILL sunset. :dancer01:
I can't wait till I can get (10) 15rd mags for my Glock 20. :evilgrin:
Was in a gunshop earlier today, and the owner told me that Springfield has already called them, telling them to have their 10-round factory pistol mags "ready" next week; to ship them back to Springfield & be replaced with full-caps.

Don't know why a factory would swap them out like that, unless it's to avoid having the 10-round-equipped guns just sit dead in the display cases once the full-cap-equipped guns come out next week.
I was just looking through the catalog from CDNN and the prices they have listed on the hi-caps are WAY down. I am sure this was published a while back, so even then those $100+ magazines have been dropping in price in anticipation of the sunset.

Basically, I guess the post ban/pre sunset magazines are going to become pretty slow sellers for dealers. Heck, it probably costs the manufactures more to make those lo-caps because of the monkeying around they need to do with them. So why in the heck would someone pay $20 for a 10 rounder as opposed to $15 for a hi-cap? And yeah, guns that are selling with lo-cap mags will surely be slower sellers then the same model with hi-caps in them.

Anyone know of a source for hi-cap FN FiveseveN mags? I thought for sure CDNN would have them.....

Oh yeah, are the hi-cap mags that are stamped "For Law Enforcement Use Only" going to become collectibles now? :)
There are some places in the US I've live in and like to travel back to that have a permanent state level ban on magazines over 10 rounds (California, Hawaii). The AWB sunset won't have any meaning there.

Hawaii is odd in that as far as I know, their latest magazine restrictions only cover pistols, not rifles, unless the magazine in question is capable of being inserted into a pistol or 'assault pistol'. Hawaiian law seems to be overly concerned with 'assault pistols'.

To have a prohibited mag there is only a misdemeanor unless it's inserted into a pistol, then it's a felony requiring 5 years mandatiory.
I think 2 things are going to happen. First, we aren't going to see MANY high cap mags on the market right away except maybe the ones marked for LE only. I say that because the ATF isn't going to approve any import permits until after it expires, so it'll be at least a month probably before any made out of the US get approval to even come in. Ones made in the US will be seen sooner. HOWEVER, new guns with 10-rd mags will either have the guns replaced, discounted a lot for quick sell, or the ones with full cap mags won't be out until the ones with 10-rds are mostly gone. I say that because those guys aren't gonna beat down the door to make their own product "unsaleable" at the first opportunity.

The second thing that is going to happen, I think, is that we are going to see 10-rd mages in guns that would normmy hold ~15rds go fgor sale for dirt cheap. I don't know HOW cheap, but if I see Sig 228 10-rd mags, for example only, for less than $10 each somewhere, I promise you that I'll buy a couple dozen. I like full capacity mags, but CHEAP factory mags that only hold 10-rds still have a lot of uses and ius MUCH better than a sharp stick in the eye.

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Well, I dunno, but it looks like CDNN has a bunch of hicap mags available right now and the prices are rather cheap compared to what I have seen in the past.

CDNN magazine page

I think any importer with his ear to the ground already has a BUNCH of "LEO only" hicaps in the pipeline in anticipation of the sunset. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were taking orders for them right now, with the shipping date set for after the sunset date.
I don't think it'll be an issue with the "guns that come with 10 round mags". They'll either send full-cap magazines to the stores to put in the boxes and send back the 10 rounders, or will have some sort of voucher system where if you buy a gun with 10 rounders, they'll swap out with full-cap for free, or both.
I have no use for more than 4-5 mags for any gun. I see no reason to tie up money that way, that NEEDS to be spend on reloading gear, TRAINING, 22 unit, modifications like luminous sights, trigger jobs, etc. 2 dozen mags for any gun is just ludicrous, even for an assualt rifle. Sheesh man, if you miss THAT much, you are dead. $250 spent on mags is silly. The price on 10 rders is extremely unlikely to EVER go up, so it's not like it was a money making investment.
Since gunkid cannot touch guns or mags or bullets or have access to them, then he has no use of any of the above.

But, for the rest of us, one can use several mags in competition, others stashed, others to trade, etc... and if there is another ban, those mags sure will become a good investment, and making money is another thing gunkid as difficulty with. I have quite a few HC mags, some for guns I don't even have now. I learned never trade off excess mags when I traded guns. As a result, when I get the feeling for another gun of that type then I have mags ready to go.
Heck man, magazines BREAK. Back in the old days before magazines were worth anything, the first thing you did when you had a problem with an autoloader was to try a new magazine. If problem went away, throw away the old magazine. I remember going to gun shows and buying a pocketfull of magazines just so I felt that I bought something to pay back the admission fee getting in the door.

For a while there, I was thinking I might need another vault just to store my magazines in!

This has often had me wondering how LEOs were made accountable for their magazines. That's all they would need to have on their minds during a firefight. Filling out the paperwork afterwards if they didn't keep track of those empty LEO only magazines they might have dropped and lost.
Rich, I've shot about 1/4 million rds. half .22's,almost all thru box mag autos, most of it rapidfire, most of it pistol. I can count on my fingers the mags that were bad, and on one hand the ones that I couldn't make work, with a bit of tweaking,or the occasional weld job. The number would be 4x as high on the round count, if it wasn't for 2 years on the run,13.5 years in prison, and 4 years on parole, believe that.
Yeah, Andy, but that was my point. Magazines used to be so cheap that repair jobs and tweaking were not necessary. It would be like taking the time to try to fix an el cheapo pocket calculator. You just throw it away and get a new one. Time and effort does have a certain amount of value that needs to be considered.
DJetAce said:
Since gunkid cannot touch guns or mags or bullets or have access to them, then he has no use of any of the above.
He can't legally have a gun or ammo, but there are an estimated 300 million civilian firearms in the USA; anyone who really wants one can get one.

The whole 'felon for life' thing, where you lose certain rights forever, was brought to life via the 1968 Gun Control Act.

The 1968 GCA also created FFL's, yellow sheets, etc. Before the 1968 GCA you could simply mail order a firearm, interstate, and have it dropped off at your doorstep. For instance, I've seen old ads where you could mail order a WWII surplus 20mm Lahti cannon for $100.

We must be looking at different mags (VERY LIKELY since they sell so at CDNN. I checked for the ones I would be interewsted in buying and the prices were still almost exactly the same as what I can get them for at gun shows here. Of course, there is a lot of competition at Houston gun shows, so prices are usually pretty fair. That might have something to do with it.

Granted, I only checked the price on after market mags. I did notice that factory mags were a little cheaper WHERE available, but most of thge mags Iwant are no longer available anywhere as NEW factory full capacity mags. That's why I'm so excited!

Rich, I just told you that I've had about 1 failure of a mag every 2 years of intense shooting, and about half of those failures were with brand new mags, too. once you've got your 4-5 (proven reliable) mags, the odds of your needing any more,for the rest of your life (for any one given gun) are worse than your odds of being killed by lightning.
KJUN said:
...I like full capacity mags, but CHEAP factory mags that only hold 10-rds still have a lot of uses and ius MUCH better than a sharp stick in the eye.


Been thinking the same thing myself; then again, maybe everyone is... :cool:
Still have not addressed having catched mags, nor investments, no risk of dammaged mags. No problem having many magzines.

As for felons with guns, considering what gunkid proposes you to do people, from threats to sabotoge to outright murder for revenge, I'm glad he can't legaly touch one and I hope he gets busted.
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