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Please check out ALT.REC.GUNS in USENET!

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I posted a message a couple of messages over there. One about my dropping my Overture/Yahoo account because they will not accept gun related sponsor links, and the other about my experiences on REC.GUNS apparently not liking some messages I post there. And I have these two clowns jumping all over me about it. Not sure what their issues are but it's getting pretty interesting.

You may want to check it out if you have access to USENET (sometimes called newsgroups) access. The thread is entitled something like REC.GUNS gone? Or something like that. Look for my name as the author for when it starts getting interesting.

Anyway one of the guys was acting like an anti-gun troll and I said so. He started thumping on his chest that he bet he had more guns in his house that I had ever owned in my entire life. :laugh: While that is certainly possible, I was willing to place a substantial wager that it was not true. When I slapped that on the table, he backed down, but he still is not happy with me.

Now the other guy seems to find issue that I have dropped Overture but still have Google ads at the bottom of my sites. As I tried to explain to him, Overture was COSTING me money for ads, where Google PAYS me money for each ad link that is clicked from within my sites. I will take money from ANY anti-gun organization and put it in my pocket any day of the week. He seemed to have a real problem with that picture.

Anyway, somewhere along the line, I must have mentioned that I have 90 some domain names registered to my name. Apparently he feels I am blowing smoke and he called me to the mat over it. Fair enough. Like the gun count thing, I told him to place a wager on that fact. He then told me to name my figure and I told him $10,000. CALL or FOLD. I guess he thinks I am bluffing, because he called and told me to set up an escrow account for the wager.

Hot damn! Free money. Because I actually have 91 domain names in my DirectNIC account. No two ways about it.

Of course, I expect him to tuck tail and run, but that's his choices: lose $10,000 in a wager, or tuck tail and run from it.

The guy kept taking slaps at me and didn't know when to quit, I guess. So now he has painted himself into a corner.

Anyway, if you guys can get over there, check it out. I would like to have some witnesses to this in case I have to take him to court to collect when he tucks tail and scampers away.

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