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Gunkid/Andy/.223 fan has had many chances. Most fo us have dealt with him for YEARS, and started out nice with him, which was responded to with great doses of vitriol. He's been given chance after chance on literally every gun board on the 'net. He's been banned from most, often several times. That's the personal end, and doesn't really matter.

What does matter is "You seam to have a lot a knolig in guns, shooting and survival. "

He doesn't. Most of his ideas are either dangerous, illegal or both. As such, they have to be shown for what they are before someone who doesn't know better and thinks this guy has good info on guns and survival tries some of it and gets themselves hurt, arrested or killed. Understand. He does occasionally have a coherent line of thought and good advice, but it's rare (and has been speculated that due to the increase in literacy at those times, that it may be his wife posting under his nicks). But either way, be very wary of what he posts and try to sift the wheat from the chaff. Or just listen to people who have actually gone out in the field and done things.
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