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Please read every one this concerns .223 fan

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I have read over the forms these past few days and I noticed a trend to hate .223 fan.

Well let me start by saying I am a peaceful person by nature, I never make threats but I NEVER back down from one! I try to be nice and kind to every one UNLESS they attempt to harm my friends, me, or my family. I also give second chances (that do NOT mean I give warning shots).

This part is to .223 fan. Andy you seam to think of your self as superior to every one, that can get annoying. Also make treats and call others names. I do not believe in hitting below the belt. You seam to have a lot a knolig in guns, shooting and survival. But that attitude makes you unpopular with others.

To every one, though .223 fan my act like a jerk at times you should be ashamed at the way you talk to him. I was picked on a lot in school and have NO tolerance for bullies.


I know this post will make many hate me but its time to stop fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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To GUN_CRAZY_JR: Hello Sharp Stick. Its good to hear from you again.

To Gunkid: Sheesh. You've been talking to your sock puppet again. Your inability to hit accurately with those pot metal toys you call guns isn't our fault. A good hit with the proper caliber handgun will anchor a dog sized animal easily.

Practical experience beats magazine reading anytime.

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