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Pop up for private meessages

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I have this function enabled in my cp, but I don't get the pop up notification when I have a pm waiting. I used to, but it seems that since the server switch, it has not been happening. Consequently, I might get a pm on day X, and not realize it until day X+3. Any ideas on what this is all about?
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Uhh, this system is back on the old server. I switched it to the new server on January 1, but after a few server crashes, I moved it back on January 4th. So I don't believe that is the cause of your problem.

I don't believe I have done anything to the system that would affect that, but I don't use the popups myself, so it's not something I would have noticed if it suddenly stopped working. You may want to double check all of your CP settings. I'll see if I can spot anything behind the scenes that might be affecting that.
Well DUH!! I just checked the admin options page and it looks like I disabled the popups somewhere down the line. I must have thought it would make the pages load a little quicker if he program didn't check for the PMs everytime a page is loaded.

See if it works now.

Alright, it's working now, thanks. :)
Pop - ups

I just got a pop-up, but there was no new private message waiting for me... Weird..

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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