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Posts in wrong forums, splits threads, etc

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It would be nice if there was some way to deal with all the threads that are strewn through the wrong forums.

Either move them or delete them. whichever seems more appropriate. Also, it would be good if there was some way to take all the fragmented threads and either consolidate them, move the fragments to a single forum, or simply delete them.

There's also a bunch of "pissing duels" that should probably be moved to the appropriate forum.

I would even be willing to help move the threads, but would leave any deletes to you...

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Rich would need to appoint moderators, since he's too busy doing things that probably make him money or that he actually enjoys doing. However, he seems to have an unreasonable expectation of an un biased moderator, which is about impossible since GoonKid has polluted and been thrown off of about every gun site on the net.
Rich Z said:
Yeah, time is an issue right now, but why is my desire for a completely unbiased moderator unreasonable?

Should I just set up a poll of everyone who has offered to help as moderator and go from there?
My comment, as explained, stand. Because GoonKid has literally trolled almost every (if not every) gun board on the net and pissed alomst everybody off. That's why you probably won't get an inbiased moderator. That doesn't mean they won't be fair in moderating, just that you're up to a try-it-and-see approach.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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