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practice with BM9, or Star B .45, save

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the wear and fouling on your PD Star .45, and it will last you a lifetime. A smith will deepen the chamber of your $150 Star B .45 to 460 Rowland for $50, but you'd better not use the "normal" loads for the 460 in it. 230 gr jhp's, at 1350 fps, will wreck the Star in short order. Instead, get the 155 gr swc Lee mold, cast a 100 gr swc out of it, by using "non lead" solder as your casting alloy. Hollowbase these in a lathe, to 90 grs, and getting them to 2100 fps, in the 5" barrel, only takes 12.5 grs of Bullseye in the .460 case. That load is not that hard on the softer metal of the old star. You can always just get a spare, 45 ACP barrel for the Model B, and practice nearly always with .45 ACP, you know. The 100 gr swc can be driven to 2000 fps, too.

The 70 gr, 3 segment prefrag, at 2200 fps in the Star PD .45 (rechambered to 460) is the lowest cost route to real power in a controlable ccw pc.
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