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Pre-ban Knight's SR-25 "Match" with rare serial number for sale $3550.

This SR-25 has not been fired since leaving the factory in 1994! The bolt is still sealed in factory plastic along with original magazine and has not been inserted in the rifle. This SR-25 features a factory threaded gas block for use with suppressor. Price includes original hard case not shown in photos. Two additional unused magazines shown in photo available to buyer for $50 each.

Designed by Eugene Stoner (The designer of the AR-15) and Reed Knight (owner of Knight Armament) to be accurate beyond 1000 yards. This SR-25 is the .308 "Match" model. It features a match grade floating 24" bull barrel; .820" diameter at muzzle; carbon fiber free-float hand guard with bipod adapter, and a chromed bolt carrier group.

I am the original owner and I purchased this SR-25 in 1994. This rifle has a rare six digit serial number starting with a 1 (1214xx) rather that the customary five digit serial starting with a 2. The original instruction manual and care guide is included along with the original factory proof target showing this particular rifle's capabilities are sub MOA even before being lapped or broken in.

Photos available at

Contact Mike at kiterme at yahoo dot com
Offer for sale only valid where legal.
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