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Gosh, theres so much to do. Going up to deer camp Saturday to check on the trailer and clean up all the mess the mice have made (hope there isn't much). Then check/repair the stands and kill the wasps. Next is to check and clean the old stale corn out of the deer feeders, refill them and install fresh batteries. This project will probably take the entire weekend.

In the following weeks will do plenty of scouting, particularly for hog sign. October may be cool enough that I can put some pork in the freezer. There will be time for varmint hunting too as well as squirrel and rabbit. Year long open season on rabbits.

This is the time of year that I love the best because its beginning to cool off a bit and can spend lots of time outdoors. Will be nice to see some of the folks up at camp too because they are very nice people.

Think I can talk Jack into coming with me for some serious overnight survival exercises - perhaps lasting several days. Its always nice to have company.

Anybody else have any plans?

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