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Primitive survival skills ...

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How many of you think primitive skills will be needed in a serious SHTF scenatio?

How many of you have such personal survival skills?

If there is a serious SHTF event, causing long time survival, primitive skills might be a survivalists physical salvation.

Below, I have posted a website containing many sources of primitive living skills.

Just so there is something for MELVIN, I will personally teach him the art of the SCALP-KNIFE. :D :D :D

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Re: big waste of time. there will be PLENTY

andy said:
of scroungable materials, far more steel, hand files, hatchets, saws, etc, than "workable" flint or obsidian. Plenty of plastic sheeting, metal sheeting, pipes, insulation, wire, rope, clothing, etc. Almost nobody has adquate defensive skills against what happens DAILY (somewhere) and it could easily be YOU, too, in the way of criminal attack. So why waste time and money on bs that you will NEVER need, like chipping flint, etc, hmm?
Melvin - You're just not clear on the concept. However, let your looney mind lead you where ever it wants too.

Re: so is building REAL fighting ability, with

andy said:
pistol and hands and feet, and the latter will keep you VERY fit and flexible, is about 10x as likely to be needed -appropriate as is the pistol, which is at least 10x as likely to be needed as is the rifle, which is at least 10x as likely to be needed as are primitive skils. 10,000 to one is BAD odds.
Melvin - Your acquisition of these skills is all in your mind. You don't have these claimed skills. Remember, I have seen how you walk and conduct yourself.

Melvin you were wetting your pants, in korea, in peacetime, when you were 150 miles away from the DMZ.

Do you remember posting about that?

Hard Rock said:
Hey tard,

Let's play a game. Say the SHTF and you're out in the wilderness. Something very, very bad has happened and you are left with the following items only...

1. the clothes on your back.
2. A single fixed bladed knife.

Can you use the above list to survive indefinitely? I can.

I think I could to, even to starting a fire, and building a shelter.

I hope though, that I would have access to back up equipment and supplies cached some where close by.

But, isn't what HardRock said, the whole idea behind learning primitive skills.

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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