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My apologies to Rich Z for my well intentioned yet sometimes carried away thread about the integrity of this site. I gave the whole issue lots of thought, and I have had a very big (for me) change of mind on the issue.

I will not apologizing for my opinion on the matter then or now, but I am apologizing for getting as personal as I did especially in a public forum. That was uncalled for on my part and I offer a sincere apology to Rich Z for that. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away about things that I care for, I hope you understand my passion on the subject.

As for my change of mind, well it is often beneficial to be able to adapt. I have already begun that process as can be seen in my latest threads and posts. Hopefully when the time comes, I will be able to get back to what I still see as the more accpetable kind of me, but for now I'll adapt. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and it was pretty much lame of me not to have remembered that. Maybe I was too comfortable in my ways, but I can assure you all that you will see a new me around here at least for a while. I hope that the new me is not too offensive to most of you. If I do get carried away, then I only hope that Rich will tell me so, sometimes I need a good kick in the pants to wake up. Again, it certainly was not toward him that I needed to direct my displeasure - sorry about that Rich.

For now I have awakened or at least a part of me has awakened that has been asleep for a while. Now it is time to have some fun possibly at the expense of my own sense of integrity and ethics, but maybe fun is what is needed even at my own expense. That will be a new thing to me and I hope I go about it without too much abandon and glee, but go about it I will. It has been fun already, so I imagine it will be fun as we move along.

Most sincerely,
Glenn B
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