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put LIVE ammo in those SA revolvers, make

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those guys COVER those fast draw rigs with coat (bulges aint concealed, but they'd still have to "clear" the garment as part of the draw, make them hit 10" chest circles, at 10 ft,starting hands at sides, SEE if they average ANY faster than the .90 second that can be done, ccw belt rig and 1911.
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Why would anyone bother?
Why? CAS is about doing it "old west" style. I.E. hoglegs worn openly. Don't try and force your games into ours.
Melvin goes irrational when it comes to others having fun. Concealed carry for a western rig - thats funny.

I've seen Arganbright and Bright TRY such things, and all their YANKING of SA revolver triggers had made them C class shottists when they actually had to HIT something. :)
Wes Hardin used a vest hoster concealed beneith his coat. Reputed to be quite able to outdraw men with belt rigs that were NOT concealed. Documented 40 men killed (and he didn't even have a CAR with can.)
and most of them, he shot in the back,most likely, like any intelligent man would do, against armed men, using the feeble loads of his day.
He had "feeble" loads in his day and you advocate "feeble" loads today. So I guess you see yourself as a modern day Wes Hardin?
Well, he does plan to shoot people in the back. . .and Hardin WAS one of the names he got banned off of nearly every gun board. . .:D
It must go with his feeble mind then.
According to documentary evidence written in several books on Hardin (Wes, not gunkid), NONE were shot in the back. These are from court records, no less. Even the deputy Wes shot, shot Hardin in the back FIRST, without warning, and Wes swung around and shot him in the head.

There was a feud going after the Civil War and Wes was caught in the middle of it. Notice Wes was PARDONED by the govener of Texas after 18 years in prison (where, unlike gunkid, he got an education as a lawyer.) Pardoning is not something done to a backshooting murder.

I think gunkid's thinking more along the line of Billy The Kid (now there you see the name 'kid' shows up.) The Kid was a pure punk slime who did shoot people in the back.
To Funny!

Garand said:
He had "feeble" loads in his day and you advocate "feeble" loads today. So I guess you see yourself as a modern day Wes Hardin?


A SA revolver can easily be carried concealed in a Tom Threepersons holster.
It is obvious that GK has no expereince with shooting SA revolvers.
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