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Put up $500 for the man who can turn in a faster time than 1.1 second to average 5 tries, at 10 ft,on the 10" circle of the chest. Make it realitic, by requiring 2 pivots, l and then right, of 90 degrees, and 2 of 180 degrees, left and right. Make them use 5 different hand start positions, "crucified", hands on top of head, "surrender", parade rest, hands at sides. Your money will be quite safe,actually, and guys will SEE how little use a ccw belt rig and pistol is, any time a potential attacker is within 10ft, and probably, how usesless it is if he's inside 15 ft, as slow as most people are to draw and hit,anyway, with such a rig.

Dont let them CHEAT, and get their hands "just so", get their bodies all "lined up" on the target, etc. If you knew enough to do all THAT before an attack, at the very LEAST you'd have your hand ON your gun, and you'd probably have it out and in low ready, maybe even in the Weaver, aimed at his chest, right? So the REALISTIC thing about ccw draw test, means pivots, and many diffeent hand starts.

Many a man "thinks' he can crack that 1.1 second time limit, and will pay $10 for the chance to try it, but "cold", no warmup draws, and man, only the merest handful of men on earth, on a GOOD day for them, can do so. Most cops can't average under 2 seconds, man. I aint kidding, nor am I incorrect. TRY it, if you don't believe me.
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