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reflect REALITY. Over 50% of firing at 6 ft or less, 3/4 at 10 ft or less, at LEAST 1/4 of the firing done at arms length or less. No stage of fire to require more than 2 seconds, all from ccw, of course, more than half in bad light, more than half on movers or while moving, and at least 1/4 on mover, WHILE shooter is moving. at least 1/4 to be done while doing OTHER things(like striking, blocking, holding a light, or an infant) with other hand.

SKIP the bs beyond 20 ft. If want a bit of accuracy-practice-eval, make a bit of the 20 ft stuff 4" circles (" head-shots only"). THAT requires ENOUGH care in sight alignment and trigger control, to make the slowfire bs, at longer ranges, quite "doable" so why waste the range-space, hmm? Ditto the lots of targets, spread across a lot of area. 6 ft, between the (at most 2)targets, requires the same sort of "traversing" skills as more targets, wider "spread". Making the shottist do a 180 degree pivot (with or without being part of the draw) can go a long ways towards teaching men this ability. So you can have several guys, using several firing lanes, to make the most of range time and space. Just have them pivot in opposite directions, or have dirt or rr Tie "dividers" between the firing lanes, that's all.

When u go outside these boundaries, you are not only not reflecting the realities of defensive civilian combat (justifiable in court, of course) as shown by statistics, you are ALSO requiring a LOT of luck to survive using any such "tactic" or "technique". lUCK should have NO part in proper preparation. Sure, it WILL play a part, but it should NOT be COUNTED upon, or have any part in one's INTENDED response or training. When it takes LUCK to make something "work", it's a bs tactic or technique, period.
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