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swivel with gun, etc, are:"do I HAVE to shoot", and "can I spit and HIT this guy with it, in the CHEST?". if the answer to the latter is "no", then you'd BETTER get a sight picture, even if it DOES mean you have to take another .30 of a second. If you MISS, you can MISS AGAINS, AND AGAIN, and point shooting, beyond 10 ft, is REAL likely to mean misses (of the chest, anyhow) and that means the guy has more TIME to hit you. The slower your gun,load and you are for getting repeat hits, the MORE you have to aim and make the FIRST shot count. If you carry a 357 snub, with hot loads, your repeat hit time is .45 second, as vs the .15 second or so, possible with say, a good SA 9mm. So you'd BETTER make each shot count.
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