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:) A retired collector of Randall-Made Knives - primarily fighting/hunting designs - has decided to sell off a part of his collection. All knives were manufactured between the mid to late 1970's.

These blades are flawless in every detail and were hand-picked by me because they were among the best examples I had seen from the Randall factory.

I have the following knives available for sale:

(1) 1 Model #18, Stainless Steel, 7 1/2” blade, w/compass, double hilt, & saw teeth @ $600.00

(2) 1 Model # 1, Stainless Steel, 8" blade, w/double hilt, & saw teeth @ $500.00

(3) 1 Model # 2, Stainless Steel, 8" blade w/double hilt @ $500.00

(4) 1 Model #2, Stainless Steel, 5” blade w/double hilt @ $350.00

All knives (except the #18) have green linen Micarta handles w/ thong hole. At least one CUSTOM-DESIGNED RANDALL-MADE sheath is available for each knife. (Some are a rare black color.)

24 hour examination period allowed. Payment in advance. Insured 2nd day shipment is included. Any returned knife must, also, be sent back by insured 2nd day shipment at customer’s expense. Knife must be in ORIGINAL condition.

Contact me by PM for further details.
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