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Well the number one and only male heir (to borrow a bit from Kim Du Toit, not borrow the son, but just part of the saying) and I were off to the local range today after a long hiatus. We did not get a chance to go this summer - heck it is the first summer that the local range has been open to the public during July and August but wouldn't you know only 9-5 or some other Banker's type hours! Oh well, as I said we got their today, and brought a Ruger 10/22 and a Marlin bolt action in 22WMR, with a 4x12 variable power Tasco scope. We spent an hour (since the bums charge by the hour and that was about $10.50 for both of us). Had a grand time.

I figure we shot up about 100 rounds of .22LR and about 17 of 22WMR (I ran out of ammo - whoops - for this one). Brendan sure can shoot. Nothing real fancy, but had he been shooting at bushy tails at 25 yards he would have filled the pot. Maybe it is time to start training him to shoot for competition. He did pretty good with the 10/22 also, but at 15 yards. He was using open sights and had some decent groups, again good enough to bag Mr. Gray with all but two shots if he was stupid enough to get that close to us.

Hopefully we will get to the range weekly or at least every two weeks through next spring (its an indoor range). It is always a good day when the old man and the boy get out shooting.

Best regards,
Glenn B;)

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How old is he? Can he work with

airguns without supervision? Get him shooting 4 position stuff, in the garage, basement, or back yard. If he can demonstrate that much self-discipline and appreciation for guns and shooting, he's into this stuff for life. If he can't, then he's likely to lose interest, sooner or later. It's best to discover such things early on, if you can.
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