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react, ccw draw, 2 on each of 2, 2 secs

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CHEST HITS that is, at 5 yds, THAT'S what a pistol is really all-about,and that level of ability is demonstrated only by a VERY few score men on the face of the earth. The traverse and double tap of the second guy takes .50-.70 second, and the second hit on #2 is likely to take .20-25 second (given a real load and lw,compact pistol) and the reaction time is .20-.25 second. So the actual ccw draw-move and hit with the first shot has to be .80 second. In other words, you have to be able to drop a coin from shoulder height,make your ccw draw and hit before the coin can hit the ground. The numbe of men who can do this is countable on your fingers, so they have to be faster for the repeat hits and the traverse. Getting the repeat hits in .18 second, and the traverse to the second target in .40 second, keeping the reaction time under .20 second, lets them take almost a full second for the (reactionless) part of the ccw draw and hit.

when you have the ABOVE level of ability with a ccw gun and rig, THEN you are a master of the defensive pistol.
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how many yards separation?
meant to include that, sorry. 5 yds

it DOES make a difference, but not as much as many think. It makes a MUCH greater difference, the further the range is, because you have to reaquire a GOOD sight picture, and control the trigger BETTER. Switching between chests at 10 ft, adds only about .15 second to the .18 second of the repeat shot, because you can POINT and hit. It's a LOT faster to just "generically" see the silohuette of the gun, or maybe of just your hands, and fire, than it is to see a front sight, much less the alignment of front and rear sights.
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