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10" cirlce at 7 yds, is a perfectly feasible thing, for a top hand, from a speed rig, hands at sides, given a mag well "funnel" on the bottom of the pistol. It does take a .65 second draw and hit, so that you have the 1.30 second to spare for the reload and hit. Then its just a question of your "split" interval time for the remaining 10 hits, for the total of 12. Way back in the '60's, Thell Reed was demonstrating this with a 1911, altho he did so by starting hand "hover" over the gun butt and the mag pouch, and drew and fired 1 handed, drawing the mag at the same time. It's not that hard to average .18 second splits, so the total time for 10 such shots is 1.80 second. Add that to say, a 2.1 second draw and hit, reload and hit, and you are under 4 seconds. It's a pretty impressive demo of what the auto can offer, even without a double stack mag.
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