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Real excited

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I did not know where to post this so hopefully i am in the right place.
I just was to excited about the expiration of the assault gun ban so I just had to come and vent.....

not that it helps me any since I am broke anyway.
I just like to know I have the option.
I guess I am just all about options.

5 more days....

have a good day
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We're all kinda excited Ritchie what with all those goodies becoming available at a reasonable price.

Yep, me too. Though I got most of the goodies I want already.

Though a S.A. SOCOM-16 M1-A with a folding stock would be nice.
I never really noticed the damned thing, since you could still get the AR mags, threaded barrels, retractable stocks, etc. About the only limitation I even made note of was the $150 price of 30 rd mags for the .22 AR unit.
I have been wanting some 25 or 30 round mags for Ruger 10/22s, but $65 for a 30 round was ridiculous. Hopefully the prices will drop. I am leery though because I always thought there was a sunset clause attached to this bill. In other words, if the bill dies, then the sunset clause kicks in and permanently bans a large number of the firearms and accessories. It was the brainchild of feinstein the wicked from the republick of kalifornia. Hopefully that never got tagged onto the original ban or we are all screwed - well all of us who would only buy legally anyhow.

I can only hope the ban is killed as I have about 3 grand in the bank waiting for a day like Monday or would it be Tuesday or maybe a few months till I can buy. I imagine it will be a while to see the prices drop on some accesories like mags and to see the banned guns back for sale, and I guess the gun prices will be high at first.
I guess the main thing I am looking forward to is getting some of those 20 round magazines for the FN FiveseveN. Not to mention that some of the more recent guns made had their magazines purposely short sheeted so they couldn't take more then 10 rounds.

I am sure that some businesses now making a living on the high markup of hicap magazines are not going to be happy, though.

As for actual "assault" weapons, I don't think it will affect the availability of anything I would want to buy anyway. Not unless some of the newer exotica of weaponry will then be able to be imported into the USA as parts and assembled here. I sure wouldn't mind a semi-auto version of the FN P-90 to play with. I guess it would be hoping for FAR too much to get some of the more black hearted laws rolled back in the near future. But how do you roll back presidential directives? Wasn't that what really killed imported firearms and the legal manufacture of automatic weapons?

But it's not over until the fat lady sings, now is it? I've seen slimy bs happen before in Congress.
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Don't just keep your fingers crossed - do something now!

:fullauto: :uzi: Write your letters and emails to your House representatives, your senators, and to the president. Get them sent in tomorrow (actually today already FRIDAY). Every little bit helps and you can bet they (the ultra leftist pinkos) will be working over the weekend to try to keep this ban going. We need to fight the renewal now! I sent in 4 letters tonight, one to the president, one to my House representative, and two to my senators. Yes the senators and congresswoman are some of the most liberal anti gunners in the USA but every letter of opposition to the renewal will have some effect on how these ultra leftists will view their voting constituencies.

As for those mags, we have to hope that the manufacturers will go back to making them available to the public again. They may not fearing law suits; however since the majority of those type of law suits seem to have been found to be frivolous, maybe the tide is turning our way. :cool:
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The main thing I want to get are some of those new HK mags for the AR-15. It's called the 'HK High Reliability Magazine'.

The majority of your problems in a properly built, broken in, and maintained M-16/AR-15 type rifle come from problems with the mags. HK obviously took a look at an IMI made steel Galil mag and learned how a 5.56mm mag should be built.

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